April 5 2022 – Municipal Election Results

Trustee Candidates:

  • Christiaan van Woudenberg – 3,922
  • Dan Hoback – 3,710
  • Emily Baer – 3,906
  • Jeff Haverkate – 3,228
  • Ryan Kenward – 3,460
  • Andrew Sawusch – 3,716

Thank you to everyone that supported me in this election! It was a long and challenging process, but we made it through to the end. While the results weren’t what we had hoped for, I am proud of the campaign that I ran. For a candidate that came in cold this January with no name recognition, the number of votes I received is still a huge accomplishment! I am committed to continuing to staying active in our community and finding avenues to serve.

Lastly, my final campaign expense report can be found here. Despite unfounded allegations from those that backed my competition and had a clear conflict of interest – I did not accept or receive any “dark money”. This was a malicious lie that was willfully spread to sow fear and doubt in the minds of voters. I was very clear on my position in regards to Oil & Gas; I did not support any residential drilling or expansion of O&G operations in our town, period. I was and still am committed to protecting the health of our residents. As we saw recently, SB-181 works. Despite the Firestone BoT willing to grant permission for O&G operations, SB-181 kicked in and overruled the decision. My point during the election was this is a common sense, non-partisan issue; and even if someone wanted to do otherwise the state legislature has proven effective.