Election Results

Trustee Candidates:

  • Christiaan van Woudenberg – 3,922
  • Dan Hoback – 3,710
  • Emily Baer – 3,906
  • Jeff Haverkate – 3,228
  • Ryan Kenward – 3,460
  • Andrew Sawusch – 3,716

Thank you to everyone that supported me in this election! It was a long and challenging process, but we made it through to the end. While the results weren’t what we had hoped for, I am proud of the campaign that I ran. For a candidate that came in cold this January with no name recognition, the number of votes I received is still a huge accomplishment! I am committed to continuing to staying active in our community and finding avenues to serve.

Lastly, my final campaign expense report can be found here. Despite unfounded allegations from those that backed my competition and had a clear conflict of interest – I did not accept or receive any “dark money”. This was a malicious lie that was willfully spread to sow fear and doubt in the minds of voters. I was very clear on my position in regards to Oil & Gas; I did not support any residential drilling or expansion of O&G operations in our town, period. I was and still am committed to protecting the health of our residents. As we saw recently, SB-181 works. Despite the Firestone BoT willing to grant permission for O&G operations, SB-181 kicked in and overruled the decision. My point during the election was this is a common sense, non-partisan issue; and even if someone wanted to do otherwise the state legislature has proven effective.




Hello! My name is Ryan Kenward, and I am a candidate seeking to be elected to Erie’s Board of Trustees in this upcoming April election. I am an Air Force veteran, father, husband, and program management professional responsible for the execution and growth of multimillion dollar national defense programs.

I want to be your next Trustee because we need change in our local government to chart a better future. We need ethical, responsible and representative leadership that will not put their own wants or goals above those of the people. My goal is work for you and with you to develop a comprehensive growth strategy that will focus on infrastructure, business and cost of living for all citizens. We must be committed to ensuring public safety is a top priority for our children, families and property.

Since moving to Erie with my family we have made it a home. Erie is a great place to live and raise a family. Our town is safe, has great schools, amenities and fantastic neighbors. We especially enjoy the farmer’s market in the summer! While I am not a native Coloradan, I have fully embraced the identity and enjoy complaining about out of staters moving in — I kid! Our state and town have experienced massive growth. During this time, it is important that Erie maintains the identity that made it such an appealing place in the first place and doesn’t get morphed into something else. It is imperative that we have a competent local government.  It must be agile, lean, and able to prioritize needs and wants as well as understand how and when to effectively delegate to experts. Lately, our small community has made national news, and not all of it was for good reasons. This needs to end. 

My Background:

I grew up in a rural area outside of Buffalo, New York (Go Bills!) and lived there through my early twenties. A small town on the Erie Canal. I decided I wanted more from life, so I enlisted into the United States Air Force as a signals intelligence analyst. Basic training took place at Lackland AFB where I was an honor graduate (top 10% academic performance and physical fitness). My military career took me through various states for training, then to South Korea, and finally Northern California where I finished my career and received an honorable discharge. 

After the military I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems using my GI Bill. I was a full time student, full time worker, full time dad and graduated on schedule from Augusta University in Georgia. I spent several years working in South Korea and simultaneously completed an MBA in International Business before moving to Erie in 2019 to assume a Program Manager position. In my current role I wear many hats; I manage several new programs, as well as internal research and development programs worth over 4 million dollars a year.  Additionally, I am an engineering department manager leading a talented and diverse team of 20+. I have experience developing winning government proposals.

I met my wife Stella while working in South Korea. Together we are raising our two sons, Evan and Warren.

Leadership Philosophy

Effective leaders are cognizant of the fact that there is no one size fits all approach to leadership. In my day to day management role I realize different situations call for different approaches.
I focus on being an enabling force to let people do what they need to do by cutting through the red tape, resolving obstacles and ensuring the job gets done. Communication is vital to being a successful leader and have spent many years honing these skills in a variety of situations, from military service, to life abroad and every day work. Very rarely is micromanagement a good thing unless you have a project that is significantly off on budget and schedule. I have the right experience and background that our town needs for future growth and prosperity.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems – Augusta University
Master of Business Administration, International Business – SUNY Empire State College